Second Sight


As we enter a new decade, opportunities and ideas emerge, encouraging new ways of seeing. Second Sight by Suzanne Tick is a collection of four upholstery textiles with a vision - exuding optimism, reflection and a focus on responsible materials like wool, silicone and recycled polyester.

With clarity of intent, Second Sight celebrates the possibilities of design processes that advance environmental thought, sparking a return to purity of raw materials. Spirited use of color is seen throughout, offering vivid and nuanced colorways that when integrated into the materials, refresh our perspectives with playful simplicity. The dynamism of exaggerated, angular architecture facades and sculptural furniture inspires and elevates graphic pattern, allowing the interior environment to reflect the exterior.

Through this interplay of sustainable materials, joyful color and architectural motifs, new possibilities are created, crystallizing the user experience with a revived energy and outlook for the future.

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Light defines the way we observe space and affects our perception of shape and form. Luum’s September collection, Phenomenology, is inspired by the nuanced and striking phenomena of light, and how it transforms built environments. Lustrous surfaces and patterns emerge and shift to alter and augment our experience within our environment dependent on our vantage point.

The Phenomenology collection by Suzanne Tick presents five new fabrics that interact dynamically with light through exploration of color, materiality and pattern designed to illusory effect. Each fabric performs as a unique design tool to enhance interior spaces and integrate to create intriguing and elegant experiences.

These new qualities come to life in dynamic and engaging color palettes that complement one another across styles. The inherently durable material constructions suit different surfaces to amplify or transform their effect; their full color stories also serve to satisfy any need, to create narratives within any interior. The Woven Logic Collection by Suzanne Tick highlights anomalies in automated structures and celebrates weaving from simple, plain and basket weaves along with more complex constructions. The five new fabrics feature these hidden complexities within inherently durable material constructions. Each fabric represents an exploration in fiber development with sophisticated color palettes. Through the process of replication of patterns and complex sequences, happy accidents occur and new directions emerge. Pattern and texture that refer to rigorous order impart playful moments. Complementing the multi-faceted structures, the collection offers rich tones enhanced with versatile neutrals creating dynamic color palettes.​

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