Loom State Collection : September 2019

Loom State Collection


At Luum, we find artistry and craftsmanship in manufacturing. The task of making informs and enriches the product, while technology allows us to bring the methodology of the hand to mass production. Because of, not in spite of, manufacturing capabilities, we are able to elevate the hand woven to an industrial and accessible scale. The Loom State Collection, designed by Suzanne Tick, builds upon past foundations of functional craft. The six new products offer patterns inspired by weaving techniques with high-performance constructions. By celebrating the unification of handmade prototypes and large-scale production, we advance design and develop products to suit the modern environment. The restrictions of manufacturing ultimately lead to experimentation and problem-solving, creating new and elegant solutions. Natural materials and familiar patterns combine to evoke the tactile nature of weaving, bringing past values into the future while designing for today. The colors in this collection are a romantic commemoration of materiality with an organic and soft sensibility.

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