Woven Logic Collection : January 2019

Woven Logic Collection


Before computers, people programmed looms. Woven structures are where “programming” was born. The Woven Logic Collection, from Luum Textiles, explores the binary art of weaving. This collection draws inspiration from the jacquard loom, a precursor to digital computation.

The Woven Logic Collection by Suzanne Tick highlights anomalies in automated structures and celebrates weaving from simple, plain and basket
weaves along with more complex constructions. The five new fabrics feature these hidden complexities within inherently durable material constructions. Each fabric represents an exploration in fiber development with sophisticated
color palettes.

Through the process of replication of patterns and complex sequences, happy accidents occur and new directions emerge. Pattern and texture that refer to rigorous order impart playful moments. Complementing the multi-faceted
structures, the collection offers rich tones enhanced with versatile neutrals creating dynamic color palettes.

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