Fabric of Space Collection: May 2022

Fabric of Space Collection


Fabric of Space, a collection of five textiles by Suzanne Tick, draws inspiration from the ever-expanding universe — intersecting the matrices of time, matter, and energy to weave the world around us.

Using new techniques, these textiles embody the vivid colors and patterns of the stars, the vibrational qualities of sound and light, and the geological layers of Earth. Renewable and recycled fibers, paired with cutting-edge weaving and coating techniques, produce multi-layered materiality for any contemporary interior.

With its multidimensional networks of layers and patterns, Fabric of Space mirrors the structural building blocks of our universe — awakening us more fully to our place in the world. Together, we experience the expansive choreography of the galaxy with Emergent, the patterns of star trails in Formwork, the frequency and sensory impact of sound waves through Spectral Array, and the rooted layers of earth of Welded and Graviton.

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