Rare Earth Collection: May 2021

Rare Earth


Rare Earth is a collection of four upholstery and multipurpose textiles by Suzanne Tick that celebrate nature’s color and texture. Using recycled, renewable, local and biodegradable fiber technology, Rare Earth displays a new way forward with a lighter footprint.

As we recalibrate to new ways of working, living and communicating, we observe the importance of nature in our everyday lives. Moreover, we reflect on the physical impact humans have made on the environment from overconsumption, and the physical impact the changing environment has on us in return in the form of climate change.

In the collection, we explore shapes that mirror migration maps, agricultural outlines and geological boundaries stemming from human activity. Bright synthetics and natural hues work together, embodying the balance of nature and technology working together. Textures resemble patina, symbolizing movement and the passage of time. Bold colors derived from nature sparkle like raw minerals in the sunshine and soft hues glow like the moon.

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