Mutable Matter Collection: September 2020

Mutable Matter Collection


Exploring fiber, structure and process, the Mutable Matter collection of five textiles by Suzanne Tick seeks to transform renewable and recycled fibers into new surfaces with energy and texture.

Mutable Matter focuses on the conditions of the design process, both the craft of weaving and embroidery, as well as the chemistry of fiber and dye development. Here we explore the basic components of cloth — the torque of a yarn, fibers’ natural variegation, the rationality of the weave structure, and a scientific approach to color. Ornament becomes architectural, and botanical motifs challenge our notion of the decorative. Optical phenomena reflect the wonders of the natural world; and renewable fibers create grounded, comforting surfaces.

Through this exploration, Mutable Matter provides a contemporary grouping of upholstery and wall covering options with a range of effects, from earthly to atmospheric.

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