Structural Dimension Collection: September 2022

Structural Dimension Collection


What we build together creates the shape of our future. The Structural Dimension collection by Suzanne Tick is a grouping of four textiles that encourages us to explore a deeper vision of how spaces can be built. Multi-dimensional structures and classic building materials are created using fiber and construction technology, facilitating connection between users in the interior and providing opportunities for breaks from the use of two-dimensional screens. At once tactile and colorful, each textile in the Structural Dimension collection awakens the subtlety of our senses using the dimensional craft of weaving.

Inspired by expressionist color palettes and shapes found in architecture, weaving, felting and knitting techniques are used to promote flexibility and performance, which bring the essence of the exterior into the interior in new ways. Highlighting the integral role textiles play in the overall dimensionality of a space, Structural Dimension functions as a fully integrated toolkit for upholstery, wrapped walls, screens and direct glue wall applications.

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