Good Vibrations Collection: January 2024

Good Vibrations Collection


The Good Vibrations collection by Suzanne Tick features five sustainable textiles that invite us to get on the same wavelength and put nature first. Gestures of static, frequency, and vibration are emulated in textile form, promoting the powerful forces of energy that connect us worldwide—evoking warmth, adaptability, and joy.

Organic, heathered, textural and dappled, the Good Vibrations collection offers color studies that are both bold and complementary. Blends of hues within abstract patterns create an overall complex plane of color to transform contemporary spaces into impactful places to repose and connect.

Most importantly, the five materials in the collection—spanning upholstery, wrapped wall, panel and direct glue—are all North American made and contain a percentage of recycled content, for a true climate-conscious toolkit that embodies both luxury and performance.

Watch the Good Vibrations Collection Inspiration Video featuring Suzanne Tick 

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