Outdoor In Collection: September 2021

Outdoor In Collection


Our latest collection, Outdoor In by Suzanne Tick, offers four bleach-cleanable performance textiles for indoor-outdoor spaces in hospitality, higher education and corporate environments—bringing new, pivotal products to these hybrid spaces. Showcasing forward-thinking textile design, Outdoor In utilizes high-UV fibers, new coated technology and recycled polyester yarns to enhance user experience and flexibility in both the interior and exterior.

New textures and patterns in this collection extend the Luum line, ranging from weaverly and sophisticated to organic and playful. The pattern work expresses themes of distortion and reflection, referencing both digital and analog processes and showing the new ways in which we negotiate virtual and in-person communication.

As we rethink the ways life, work and communication influence design, outdoor accessibility continues to prove a major influence in design equity. Whether indoors or outdoors, walls, panels, screens and seating can be re-adjusted in real time throughout the day with ease, unlocking the full creativity within.

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