Tactility Collection: May 2018

Tactility Collection


With a focus on enhancing intuitive, emotional, and sensorial experience, Luum Textiles introduces The Tactility Collection- materials created to support architecture that slows down experience, halts time, and defends the importance of the human experience. The collection explores textural and dimensional surfaces that influence the way we experience touch, sight, and sound. Through multi-purpose and multi-directional fabrics that respond to both our logical and intuitive needs, the collection embodies emotional designthinking expressed through a comprehensive color palette.

The Tactility Collection by Suzanne Tick explores the diversity and expressive nature of a surface through fiber, structure, color, pattern, and dimension. The collection offers new classics, modernized through pattern and color. Patterns and constructions are inspired by time-honored textile techniques, such as quilting, moire effects, and spinning. The palettes reflect a more nuanced and experimental approach to color by offering a broader selection of softer shades and tech-inspired brights.

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