Earthly Artifacts Collection: January 2023

Earthly Artifacts Collection


The world is shaped by the way we move. Earthly Artifacts is a collection by Suzanne Tick that features four textiles inspired by the physical impressions left by humans on the earth—and the patterns created in the process.

Drawing from shared elements across art, anthropology and geology, Earthly Artifacts examines the impact and expression of nature’s organizing principles: discernable up close and undeniable at scale. Made with a variety of high-performance, recycled materials selected for multi-purpose and indoor/outdoor use—such as high-UV polyester, high-UV polypropylene, and 100% recycled polyester—Geoglyph, Pebble Melange, Particulate and Megacheck reflect our continuous desire to immerse ourselves in nature. These textiles feature layered fields of multi-color materials that create complex earthen shades, reminiscent of contemporary art and archaeological remnants.

Both abstract and representational, the Earthly Artifacts collection tells the story of topography through the lens of human intervention and the collective form of many individual paths—weaving new meaning into our relationship with the earth.

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