Ideation Collection: January 2018

Ideation Collection


Creating is a balance of engineering and craft. The challenge of actualizing a modern vision calls for knowledge that is experienced yet experimental.Luum is pleased to introduce the Ideation Collection by Suzanne Tick. Ideation draws inspiration from the architects and designers that provide fresh perspectives by using classic materials in new ways. Modulus, Seismic Shift, Digi Tweed and Heather Tech strengthen designer toolboxes by providing nimble basics and utilitarian multi-colors.

An abstracted and simplified approach to pattern allows color and texture to drive the collection. Two upholstery patterns, Modulus and Seismic Shift, explore spatial dimensions through color value relationships. Multi-purpose textures, Heather Tech and Digi Tweed, feature coordinating shades inspired by tinted, honest materials like brick and concrete. In-depth research into new color yields emotional yet grounded palettes that balance moodier shades and textures with expressive brights.

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