Renewable Fibers

We use renewable fibers
wherever possible to lower
our impact and harness
the power of their
natural benefits.


Here are some of the ways Luum prioritizes sustainability through the use of renewable fibers: 



Wool is rapidly renewable, biodegradable, inherently stain resistant and fire retardant.

The wool in Mitered and Equilux is sourced, dyed and spun using North American sheep’s wool. 

Wool Fleck, Melange Check, and Graph Speck are textiles made of 100% recycled wool, polyester and acrylic textile waste that would otherwise go to landfill. Learn how these textiles are made repurposed from discarded garments and post industrial apparel waste into contract textiles in ten steps: watch Process to Product video.

Gaze, drapery is made of 29% wool, can be utilized for space division and privacy with the assurance of inherently fire-retardant fiber content.



Top Coat is a coated silicone faux leather textile made from 100% quartzite sand, an abundant natural resource. Top Coat inherently rejects microbiological growth, is ink and denim resistant, antimicrobial, antifungal and bleach and viricide cleanable without any added finishes.

Renewable Resources


Watch the Renewable Fibers video with Suzanne Tick on the importance of using renewable resources.