Recycled Fibers

Luum prioritizes sustainability through the use of recycled fibers.


According to the EPA, 55 million pounds of textile waste is sent to the landfill each day in the US. Here are some of the ways Luum prioritizes sustainability through the use of recycled fibers:

Recycled Wool


Wool Fleck, Melange Check, and Graph Speck are textiles made of 100% recycled wool, polyester and acrylic textile waste that would otherwise go to landfill. Learn how these textiles are made repurposed from discarded garments and post industrial apparel waste into contract textiles in ten steps here.

Emergent contains 40% recycled wool.

Recycled Cotton


Mitered contains 38% recycled cotton (preconsumer).

Biodegradable Polyester


Grid State and Ecotone are multipurpose textiles made of 100% post-consumer recycled biodegradable polyester.

Biodegradable Fibers video.

Recycled Polyester


55% of the Luum collection contains recycled polyester, which derives from plastic bottles.

Recycled Fibers video.

Color Kit


Color Kit is an excellent resource highlighting four foundational textiles that contain recycled polyester. These coordinates help further your sustainability goals on every surface of your project from upholstery, to panels, screens and acoustical wrapped walls. Color Kit utilizes Luum's best selling, classic, and multipurpose textures. Made in North America with excellent lead times, all priced at $38.00 USD and under.

Explore Color Kit.
Color Kit video.