Material Transparency

Our commitment to sustainability begins at the loom:


Many Luum products are made in North America, Clean Air Gold Certified, DECLARE certified or Red List Free, Healthcare Without Harm certified, contribute to LEED and WELL ratings and are listed in the mindful MATERIALS library.



We combine age-old weaving techniques with forward looking technology to create highly innovative weave structures with an eye towards sustainability.

Learn more: watch our Fiber To Finish Video with Suzanne Tick.


Recycled, Renewable, and Biodegradable


We utilize recycled, renewable and biodegradable fibers wherever possible.

Watch the Luum Sustainability Series on YouTube with Suzanne Tick to learn more.


Antimicrobial Finishes


We do not support the use of topical antimicrobial finishes which are known to cause human harm.

Read our statement here.


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