Certifications and Documents

Certifications and documents


A variety of documents and resources are publicly available to facilitate your sustainability goals:

Documents & Declarations


Download DECLARE, Clean Air Gold, Health Product Declarations (HPD’s), Red List Free/Approved and LEED pdf's here.

Design Lab


Streamline your design process with Design Lab: a digital sampling resource. Simply fill out the online form and receive a curated palette of options tailored to your project, minimizing the amount of precious space on memo storage and your carbon footprint on shipping.



Sample Return & Reuse Program


We are cutting down the carbon footprint of our sample return process which in turn cuts down on your carbon footprint.

Learn more about the Luum Sample Return and Reuse program and access Fedex labels online here.



Fabscrap & Divert Program


Luum is committed to lighter footprint in the design process as well as the manufacturing process. Tick Studio utilizes Fabscrap to keep scraps out of landfill and Teknion utilizes Luum’s fabric scraps as filler for seat cushions through the Teknion Divert program, both of which maximize the value of unused fabrics.



Additional Resources


Other health and wellness resources available:

Luum’s statement on COVID-19, antimicrobials and topical treatments.

Luum’s Cleanability Guide.