Color Kit 2.0


Your go-to place for 157 in-stock, sustainable multipurpose textiles all in one place. Introducing Color Kit 2.0 with a total of 8 textures to choose from.

Actuate, Complect, Crossgrain, Digi Tweed, Ecotone, Graviton, Heather Tech and Percept offer a variety of luster levels and texture options that are:

1) In stock and ready to ship
2) North American made with a 4-week lead time*
3) Contains recycled and biodegradable polyester fibers
4) Multipurpose in use for upholstery, panels, screens and acoustical wrapped walls
5) 157 colorways designed to work together and as coordinates to our large scale patterns
6) Priced at $39/yd or under

*Ecotone coming soon in 2023

Color Kit 2.0 video.