Luum Textiles Launches
Loom State Collection


Six new products in Loom State Collection designed by Suzanne Tick build upon past foundations of functional craft - 24th September, 2019

Luum Textiles today announced the introduction of Loom State – a new collection that builds upon past foundations of functional craft. The six new products – Structured Stripe, Dispersion, Duo Chrome, Homage, Oeuvre and Doyenne − offer patterns inspired by weaving techniques with high-performance construction.

“By celebrating the unification of handmade prototypes and large-scale production, we advance design and develop products to suit the modern environment,” said Suzanne Tick, Creative Director, Luum Textiles. “The restrictions of manufacturing ultimately lead to experimentation and problem-solving, creating new and elegant solutions. Natural materials and familiar patterns combine to evoke the tactile nature of weaving, bringing past values into the future while designing for today. The colors in Loom State are a romantic commemoration of materiality with an organic and soft sensibility.”

Structured Stripe elevates the process of handwoven prototype blankets by bringing it to an industrial scale. Focusing on the craftsmanship of manufacturing, this striking upholstery pattern bends the rules of conventional looms to innovate repeat capabilities.

Inspired by Sol LeWitt Wall Drawings, Dispersion is an embroidered drapery that celebrates the dissolution of the grid. A unique manufacturing technique results in a subtractive process and enables us to create an open and ephemeral structure that maintains a subtle graphic strength.

Duo Chrome captures the spirit of experimentation. As reversible double-weave upholstery, each side is completely unique and independent from each other, allowing versatility with an element of surprise. Warp and weft are comprised of a high-performance slub yarn, developed to mimic the organic movement of natural linen.

Homage is reintroduced with the addition of vivid tones, expanding a neutral exploration of fiber and texture to a study in color theory. A tribute to the integrity of natural fibers and their unique dyed quality, this elegant palette expands the diversity of color and texture. Applications include upholstery and wrapped wall.

Honoring textiles of the 20th century, Oeuvre incorporates natural and synthetic fibers to create a visually tactile multi-purpose experience. Each fiber produces a different outcome; the wool and silk bring a luxe hand while the nylon and polyester yield necessary durability. Like Homage, applications include upholstery and wrapped wall.

By unifying the handwoven and manufacturing processes, Doyenne offers a bleach-cleanable, heathered chenille with a soft tactile hand. The effortlessness of the weave structure highlights the plush blended yarn, creating a subtle movement and organic quality. The upholstery fabric is cross-dyed with high-energy pigments that offer performance-driven colorfastness.

“At Luum Textiles, we find artistry and craftsmanship in manufacturing,” said Dave White, Vice President of Luum Textiles. “The task of making informs and enriches the product, while technology allows us to bring the methodology of the hand to mass production. Because of, not in spite of, manufacturing capabilities, we are able to elevate the handwoven to an industrial and accessible scale.”

Launched in 2013, Luum Textiles was founded on the belief that design is most successful when the creative process is paired with a clear performance intent. Working by hand at the fiber level, Luum is able to understand – and ultimately influence – how materials will perform in the built environment. The resulting textiles come together as integrated collections designed to deliver an integrated experience. Under the creative direction of Suzanne Tick, Luum is providing architects and designers with a complete interior solution. For more information, visit:

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