Luum Textiles Launches
Focus In at NeoCon 2017


Focus In collection designed by Suzanne Tick addresses the importance of today’s adaptable products in multi-purpose workplace environments - 12th June, 2017

Luum Textiles today announced the launch of its latest textiles collection – Focus In – at NeoCon, the commercial design industry’s premier event, June 12-14, at The Mart in Chicago.

As technology continues to redefine the way we engage, think and feel about interior spaces, traditional modes of interaction in offices, schools and hotels are being transformed through new tools that enable rapid communication.

“With advancements in technology encouraging mobility and flexibility in workspaces, the importance of adaptable products is addressed through the Focus In collection,” said Suzanne Tick, Creative Director, Luum Textiles. “Multi-purpose environments that offer interchangeable work, meeting and social areas are now the norm. The aesthetic and performance qualities of products specified within these fluid spaces require an agility that supports a range of activities. Focus In is a collection of seven fabrics that reflect this nimble attitude.”

Outpress, Knurl and Amalgam are distinct upholstery fabrics that embody both high-performance and comfort. The multi-tasking textures of Navigate and Heather Felt offer more options to design seamless, transitional spaces when applied as both seating and vertical surfaces. Technoplaid, a wrapped-wall product, and Mica Shift, a direct-glue product, provide the opportunity for a dramatic focal point through the use of tape and metallic yarns. 

Outpress’s curvilinear accent lines join and split across fields of heathered yarns evoking architectural structures.  Knurl is a textural upholstery fabric. The straightforward weave structure allows thick, knubby rows of polyester yarns to shine. The exaggerated texture provides opportunities to create visual interest through texture and color. Amalgam is woven with fibers that are also used in footwear. The multi-colored, marled yarns are tightly woven, embodying the hybridization of high-end and performance qualities typically required in sportswear.

The embroidered Navigate pattern is a marriage of hand and machine processes. A fine, stitched line subtly fades in and out across a variegated ground capturing the spirit of a fluid and active environment. Navigate addresses the need for sound-absorbing materials by using Heather Felt as its base cloth. Heather Felt is a classic, 100 percent wool felted construction with a supple hand and variegated, heathered appearance.

Darker, moodier color palettes typically seen in hospitality settings are moving into the workplace to provide spaces of respite and comfort. Addressing this need, Technoplaid is a contemporary, large-scale plaid, with a metallic accent fiber, for use as wrapped wall and panel. Utilizing a lustrous tape yarn, Mica Shift brings new light into a space through a textural weave. The tape yarn floats against a matte ground weave offered in bright whites, warm neutrals and cool silvers. Joining the group of vertical fabrics incorporating tape yarns, this direct-glue product adds an organic yet technical element to an interior.

“Luum creates integrated collections for an integrated experience,” said Dave White, Vice President of Luum Textiles. “We work by hand to explore how individual fibers come together. It allows us to create textiles that are both elegantly simple yet structurally complex. From fiber to finish, across upholstery, panel, direct glue and upholstered wall applications, our collections are designed to work together holistically. By integrating traditional weaving techniques with technical artistry, our collections deliver a complete solution redefining the interior experience.”

Visit Luum Textiles’ showroom #1043 during NeoCon.

Launched in 2013, Luum Textiles was founded on the belief that design is most successful when the creative process is paired with a clear performance intent. Working by hand at the fiber level, Luum is able to understand – and ultimately influence – how materials will perform in the built environment. The resulting textiles come together as integrated collections designed to deliver an integrated experience. Under the creative direction of Suzanne Tick, Luum is providing architects and designers with a complete interior solution. For more information, visit:

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