Create a feeling in a space with vertical textiles 


Introducing Texture Tools, a new way to look at vertical textiles. Wallcoverings are a powerful design tool that can make a feeling in a space. Based on sheen and texture levels, you can create an essence in a room that buffers or amplifies light and sound through sensory perception.

Texture Tools is a concept developed by Suzanne Tick while spending time in nature on Fire Island. Using the language of paint finishes, she noticed matte, semi-gloss and glossy times of day in cloud formations, light reflections across the water and fog rolling across the horizon.

In this video series, Suzanne will discuss Luum’s matte, semi-gloss and glossy concepts and how you can create a tailored experience in a space with vertical textiles.

View Part 1 of 4: Texture Tools Intro Video with Suzanne Tick 

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