Our Philosophy

We create integrated collections for an integrated experience.


We believe that design is most successful when the creative process is paired with a clear performance intent. Whether it’s a problem to be solved or an objective to be met, design is a forward-looking pursuit.

We’re always looking ahead and imagining the ways our collections will be used. It’s why we work by hand at the fiber level to understand – and ultimately influence – how our materials will perform in the built environment.

Throughout the design process, we focus on creating products that work together in a holistic way. This comprehensive approach allows us to provide architects and designers with a complete solution capable of wrapping every contour of the interior and unlocking the possibilities found within.



We work by hand to explore how individual fibers come together and deliver a truly distinctive experience. By designing from the ground up, we’re able to create textiles that are both elegantly simple and structurally complex, conferring their traditionally flat forms with an added dimension of performance.

Color Compound Collection


The Color Compound  collection celebrates the palettes embodied by the return of honest materials to interior spaces. The collection was inspired by the late architect Luis Barragan’s 
emotional architecture, where color is an essential design element that affects the way a space feels.

See Color Compound Collection

Transference Collection


The Transference Collection, designed by Suzanne Tick for LUUM textiles, continues to build upon the foundational design tenets established in earlier launches. Integrated environments are created through performance-driven products. Purposeful collections are responsive to the multiple needs of ever-adapting spaces.

See Transference Collection

Starting Point Collection


Starting Point is our inaugural collection for Luum. Created by Suzanne Tick, each product in the collection descends from a common origin story: pre-digital analog processes, particularly the art of handweaving.

See Starting Point Collection